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12th July 2010 - Traffic and travel advice for motorists

07 Jul 2010

Due to parades and other events, motorists can expect some disruption to traffic and travel on Monday, 12th July. Police will do their utmost to keep disruptions to a minimum and put diversions in place wherever possible.

Below please find a list of parades across Northern Ireland which might affect traffic on Monday:

Parades within North and West Belfast – 12 July 2010

Lower Whitewell / Shore Road - 0800- 0830 and 1800 - 1900  - Minor disruption of 10 - 15 mins expected.

Springfield Road - West Circular Rd to Lanark way - 0900 - 1000 - minor disruption 10-15 mins

Ardoyne  - Crumlin Road  - 0730 - 0900 & 1800 - 2000

From Agnes Street down Crumlin Road / Clifton Street / Peters Hill  0830 - 1200 & 1730 - 1930.  Fairly major disruption but there will be access to the Mater Hospital

Westlink offslips to Clifton Street closed between the above times

York Street 0830 - 0930 & 1730 - 1830. Minor disruption 10-15mins

Shankill Road 0900-1130; fairly major disruption.

South and East Belfast

County Grand Orange Lodge of Belfast

320th Anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne

Short traffic disruptions can be expected at the stated times and motorists are advised to avoid the listed routes at those times.

For all feeder parades police will attempt to keep traffic disruption to a minimum and will avoid closing roads where possible.

For the main parade, all road closures/diversions will be lifted as soon as possible as the tail of the parade moves through the city.

The main parade will assemble from 0945 at Carlisle Circus and the procession will commence at 1000.  

Outward route from the assembly point is as follows: -  

Carlisle Circus, Clifton Street, Donegall Street, Royal Avenue, Donegall Place, Donegall Square North, (With a short service at the cenotaph, within the grounds of the City Hall) Donegall Square West, Bedford Street, Dublin Road, Shaftesbury Square, Bradbury Place, Lisburn Road, Balmoral Avenue, Malone Road, Barnetts Demesne.

They will commence their return parade at 1615 and return to Carlisle Circus along the following route:

Barnetts Demesne, Malone Road, Balmoral Avenue, Lisburn Road, Bradbury Place, Shaftsbury Square, Dublin Road, Bedford Street, Donegall Square West, Donegall Square North, Donegall Place, Royal Avenue, Donegall Street, Clifton Street, Carlisle Circus.

Subsidiary District Parades

No 5 District Sandy Row - 1000 participants and 14 bands.

They will assemble at Sandy Row Orange Hall at 0830 and proceed to Carlisle Circus at 0830 via the following route:

Sandy Row, Hope Street, Great Victoria Street, Fisherwick Place, College Square East, Wellington Place, Donegall Square North, Donegall Place, Royal Avenue, North Street, Peter’s Hill, Boundary Street, Denmark Street.

On return they will leave the main parade at Bruce Street and proceed to Sandy Row Orange Hall for dispersal via, Hope Street and Sandy Row.

No 6 District, East Belfast  - 2000 Participants and 21 bands.

They will assemble at Templemore Avenue at 0900 and at 0900 proceed to Lower Donegall Street and Lower North Street to join the main parade via the following route:

Templemore Avenue, Newtownards Road, Bridge End, Queen’s Bridge, Ann Street, Victoria Street, High Street, Bridge Street, Lower Donegall Street (1/2 District), North Street (1/2 District),  to join main parade.  

On return, Approx 1830 they will leave the main parade at  Castle Place and proceed to Templemore Avenue for dispersal via, Castle Place, High Street, Queens Square, Donegall Quay, Queen Elizabeth II Bridge, Middlepath Street, Newtownards Road, Templemore Avenue.

No 10 District, Ballynafeigh  - 350 participants, 5 bands

They have given notice to assemble at Ballynafeigh Orange Hall at 0700.  They will move off at 0730 to parade to Clifton Street to lead the main parade via the following route: -

Ormeau Road, Stranmillis Embankment, Collingwood Avenue, Agincourt Avenue, Rugby Road, College Park, Botanic Avenue, Donegall Pass, Ormeau Road, Ormeau Avenue, Linenhall Street, Donegall Square South, Donegall Square East, Donegall Square North, Donegall Place, North Street, Peters Hill, Shankill Road, North Boundary Street, Denmark Street,  Clifton Street

At Approx 1830hrs the return parade will leave the main parade at Dublin Road/Salisbury Street and intend to take the following route back to Ballynafeigh Orange Hall: -

Salisbury Street, Maryville Street, Donegall Pass, Botanic Avenue, College Park, Rugby Road, Agincourt Avenue, Collingwood Street, Stranmillis Embankment, Ormeau Road.


12th July Demonstrations are being held in Newtownards Town centre this year.  

It is envisaged that the parade will take approximately 1/2 hour to pass any given point.

The District are expecting approximately 1500 participants and 32 bands

1115 form up to start parade at 1200.

Parade Route

Mary Street Orange Hall, West Street, North Street, Upper North Street, Talbot Street, Hardford Link, Church Street, Regent Street, Francis Street, Windmill Row, East Street, Bangor Road Roundabout, Zion Place, Georges Street, Upper Movilla Street, Queen Street, Queen Street hill, Greenwell Street, Georges Street, New Road, Portaferry Road.

The demonstration Field will be located in Londonderry Park Newtownards

Return Route, approx 1615 .

Londonderry Park, Portaferry Road, Castle Street, High Street, Mill Street, Gibsons Lane, Regent Street, Francis Street, Castle Street, High Street, Conway Square


•Police request that parking restrictions are respected, as they will enforce parking in coned areas/ double yellow lines throughout the day.

•Local people are encouraged to walk into the town as parking will be restricted and traffic congestion will be expected

•On street alcohol consumption is prohibited in line with the council bye-laws

Police will be on duty throughout the day at the junctions / areas previously mentioned and will do their utmost to keep disruption to an absolute minimum.


Approximately 2000 participants and 40 bands

1115 am form up to start parade at 1200.

Parade Route

Playing Fields at Moss Road, Moss Road, Church Hill, Belfast Road, Prospect Road, Oak Dale, Meadow Road, Saintfield Road, Ravara Road

The demonstration Field will be located in Ravara Road, Ballygowan

Return Route, approx 1600.

Ravara Road, Saintfield Road, Meadow Road, Oakdale, Prospect Road, Belfast Road, Comber Road, Saintfield Road.


This year’s Lisburn combined parade is being held in Hillsborough Village. The route of the parade is as follows:-

Assembly Culcavey Road proceed along Culcavey Road - Lisburn Road - Lisburn Street - Main Street - Hillsborough Fort. The main parade will commence at 1130 hours and disruption to the traffic network around the Hillsborough, Culcavey and Maze area. All traffic will be diverted around Hillsborough and Culcavey to facilitate the parade. The return parade will commence at 1630 hours and make its way back along the reverse of the outward route.

Grand Lodge of Ireland and Northern Ireland Tourist Board have designated this parade as a Flagship Event.


The East Antrim Combined parade is being held in Antrim. This is also a Flagship Event. The route of this parade is as follows:-

Assembly: Fountain Hill - Fountain Street - Church Street - High Street - Bridge Street - Dublin Road - Randalstown Road - Castle Road. This parade will move off at 1100. The return parade will move off at 1600 from Castle Road - Randalstown Road - Dublin Road - Castle Way - Fountain Street - Fountain Hill. Traffic diversions will be in place around the Antrim town area.


Lurgan: Diversions in place between 0900 - 1900 approx.-

Waringstown: all road diversions in place from 1000.

Diversion routes for Demonstrations

Lough Road, Lurgan - No Waringstown / Lurgan through traffic  - all through traffic via Silverwood

Portadown Road Lurgan - No Waringstown / Lurgan through traffic -  All traffic via Silverwood

Lurgan Road Gilford  - All Waringstown / Lurgan through traffic via Portadown

Lurgan Road, Banbridge - All Waringstown / Lurgan through traffic via Portadown - All Moira / Dollingstown bound traffic via Donacloney

Tullyraine Road, Banbridge - All Waringstown / Lurgan through traffic via Portadown - All Moira / Dollingstown bound traffic via Donacloney

Lurgan Road Dromore - All Lurgan bound traffic through Gilford

Dromore Road, Lurgan - All Waringstown / Lurgan through traffic via Donacloney

Newforge Road, Magheralin - Non Demonstration traffic via Donacloney

Lurgan Road Magheralin -  All Lurgan through traffic via Donacloney


Kilkeel 12th from Approx 1000 - 1800 approx - diversions will be implemented at the following locations:-

Quarter Road, Annalong - Through traffic for Warrenpoint/Newry direction will be diverted via Quarter Road onto the Head Road. Traffic to continue along the Head  to Drumcro Road/Newry Road or via Attical to Hilltown or Tullyframe Road.

Drumcro Road/Newry Road Junction - Through traffic will be diverted via Drumcro Road onto Head Road and continue along Head Road to Quarter Road.

Scrogg Road/ Greencastle Road Junction - Through Traffic travelling from Cranfield will be diverted away from Kilkeel via Scrogg Road onto Newry Road then to reach Newcastle either take the diversionary route onto Drumcro Road and Head Road or continue onto Rostrevor.

Advise motorists travelling through Kilkeel to use an alternative route taking in either Newcastle or Newry/Rostrevor prior to reaching Kilkeel area.

Newry City -  Traffic will be diverted away from Belfast Road, Downshire Road Trevor Hill Areas of Newry.(am & pm) Traffic travelling through Newry advised to seek alternative routes. AM - from 0830 from 1700 approx


Motorists should note that the main A4 Enniskillen to Fivemiletown Road will be closed from about 1100 to 1800.

Diversions are as follows:

Vehicles travelling from Enniskillen to Belfast and the south will be diverted at the Tempo Road junction to go via Tempo, Clabby, Fivemiletown, Augher and Aughnacloy.  Belfast-bound traffic will join the A4 at Granville.

Fermanagh and Donegal bound traffic will be diverted at Granville to Aughnalcoy and then via Fivemiletown, Clabby, and Tempo to Enniskillen.


Traffic on the A4 and A5 will be affected by the parade in Ballygawley.

Approaching from the east there will be diversions at Granville via Aughnacloy.

From the west the diversions will be at Augher and on to Aughnacloy.

From the south, traffic will be diverted at Aughnacloy through either Augher or Granville, depending on final destination.

From the north on the A5, traffic will be diverted at Augher Points to Augher and then to Aughnacloy.

These diversions will be in place for approximately an hour from 12.30pm.

Motorists intending to travel via the Ballygawley Roundabout on Monday will be affected by Twelfth demonstrations in Ballygawley and Brookeborough. Traffic will be diverted via Aughnacloy to avoid the roundabout.


Traffic approaching Cookstown from the Moneymore direction will be diverted close to the end of the dual carriageway to Churchtown Village and then into Cookstown along Westland Street and onto the  Omagh road before turning towards Sandholes and onto the Dungannon Road.

Traffic from the Dungannon and Omagh directions will follow a reversal of the route. The diversions will operate while the parade is underway.

Motorists are asked to pay particular attention in towns and villages throughout the west as a significant number of feeder parades will be taking place for short periods in the morning and evening. Not all of the feeder parades will be policed.


1100 Host Lodge & accompanying band will parade from Newtownstewart Orange Hall – Dublin St – Main St – Mill St – Strabane Rd to Assembly field.

1100 Red Hand Defenders Flute Band will parade the above route.

1115-1200 6 bands will parade from the Plumbridge Rd Car Park – Castle Brae – Strabane Rd to Assembly Field.

1230 Main Demonstration moves off  from Assembly field Strabane Rd – Millbrook Lane – Mourne Pk – Millbrook Lane – Old Castle Rd – Dublin St – Main St – Castle Brae – Douglas Rd to Demonstration field at Vaughan’s Holm.

Outward Parade terminates at approx. 1430.

1615 Return Demonstration moves off from Vaughan’s Holm – Douglas Rd – Castle Brae – Main St – Townhall St – Mill St – Strabane Rd to Assembly field. At Main Street any bands or Lodges which are travelling by bus will peel off from the Main parade and parade out Dublin St – Methodist Lane – Moyle – to marry up with their respective buses.

1800 Return Parades should have terminated.

A total of 48 bands, 2000 participants & 20,000 Supporters are expected at this event.

At all times the Newtownstewart bypass (A5) should have unrestricted traffic flow as the above event is all within the town limits.

A number of smaller feeder parades from the greater Strabane area are also expected to cause minor disruption for short periods in towns and villages in the area.


There will be minor disruption to traffic in Londonderry on Monday, July 12th for a short time in the morning and in the evening to facilitate feeder parades moving from Waterside to Cityside – this will be from 0800 to 0930 and from 1730 to 1830. Police will be at various points to assist in traffic flow.

Similarly minor traffic disruption expected in Limavady and Magherafelt to facilitate feeder parades in the morning and again in the evening.


There will be feeder parades in the morning between 0900 and 1100 before bands head off to Bushmills and Armoy. Feeder parades are expected to return from 4.30pm onwards. Minimal traffic disruption.


Portrush is the venue for the main Twelfth demonstration this year – possibly up to 60,000 visitors expected.

Limavady District and City of Londonderry Grand Orange Lodge districts will approach Portrush via Gateside Road and leave their buses at Ballywillan, assembling facing Crocknamack Road.

Macosquin District along with Coleraine District will approach the town via Atlantic Road and leave their buses on the Coleraine Road. They will assemble facing Eglinton Street.

The main parade will start at 1130. The parade route will be Crocknamack Road, Eglinton Street, Kerr Street, Ramore street, Ramore Avenue, Landsdown Crescent, Causeway View Terrace, Main Street, Causeway Street, Crocknamack Road, Crocknamack Street, Girona Avenue, Apollo Avenue, Rathmore Drive, Hopefield Road and Magheraboy Road to the field.

The religious service and platform proceedings will begin at 1400.

The return parade will leave the field at 1530, making its way along Magheraboy Road, Hopefield Road, Hopefield Avenue, Crocknamack Road to dispersal points on the Ballywillan Road and the Coleraine Road.


Lodges and about 20 bands will assembly on the Warren Road at 1230 and parade through the town via Waveney Road, Galgorm Road, Lower Mill Street, Wellington Street, Ballymoney Street, William Street, Broughshane Street, Church Street, Bridge Street, Salisbury Square, Queens Street, Antrim Road and to Ballee Playing Fields.

A religious service will take place at 1500.


44 lodges from five districts – Bushmills, Ballycastle, Cloughmills, Rasharkin and Ballymoney – will take part in the parade. They will be joined by 30 bands.

The parade begins close to the caravan park on Castlecatt Road at 1300 and goes through the village to Clay Field, on the Whitepark Road.

A religious service will be held there at 1430.


12 Lodges will gather in Broughshane.

The parade starts at mid-day on the Tullymore Road and goes through the village before doubling back to the demonstration field at Caherty Road.


17 lodges will take part in the Triangle Parade in Ahoghill.

The parade starts, at 1230 on the main Ballymena – Ahoghill Road and tours the village before going to the local Village Playing Fields where a religious service will be held.

There will also be an Ulster Scots Concert, scheduled for 1330.


More than 60 bands will take part in the South Londonderry demonstration in Garvagh.

The parade will gather on the Fort Road at 10am and parade through the village along Ballynmeen Avenue and Carhill Road.

The demonstration field is on the Coleraine Road and the platform proceedings will start there at 1400.

There will be inevitable traffic delays in the North Coastal area – Portrush/Bushmills as well as Garvagh – given the number of visitors expected.

13 July 2010


Lurgan Royal Black parade in Bangor Town centre, approximately 500 participants, 7 bands.

It is envisaged that the parade will take approximately 1/4 hour to pass any given point.

1100 form up at Castle Park Avenue to start parade at 1115.

Route: Castle Park Avenue, Dufferin Avenue, Grays Hill, Queens Parade,

Bridge Street, Turning at Royal Hotel, Bridge Street, Main Street, Hamilton Road. Dispersing at the Orange Hall.

Return Route, approx 515: Assemble at Orange Hall Hamilton Road,

Prospect Road, High Street, Bridge Street, Main Street, Castle Park Avenue, dispersal.

Police envisage minor traffic congestion.