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Sir Hugh Orde elected ACPO President

16 Apr 2009

Sir Hugh Orde has been elected President of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).

A press conference was held at Police Headquarters this morning, 16 April.  

Tributes to Sir Hugh Orde

Sir Ken Jones, ACPO

Sir Ken Jones, current ACPO President said: “I am delighted to announce that Sir Hugh Orde has been elected as the next ACPO President. Chief officers were presented with three outstanding candidates, each with their own strengths. Sir Hugh brings a wealth of experience and leadership to ACPO at what is likely to be a very difficult and challenging time for the Service.

“Increasingly the Service and its leadership are being drawn into political controversies and it will fall to Sir Hugh to steer us on a sure path through the forthcoming period, both up to and beyond the next general election.”

Professor Sir Desmond Rea, Northern Ireland Policing Board

The Chairman of the Northern Ireland Policing Board (the Board) today offered congratulations to Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde following confirmation of his appointment as President of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).

“Whilst I deeply regret losing Sir Hugh Orde, I am nevertheless delighted that he has been appointed President of ACPO; and on behalf of the Board I congratulate him on his success.

Sir Hugh will bring considerable skills and professional experience to this role and his election to the post by his peers is evidence of the high esteem in which he is held.  

The Chief Constable will assume his new role in the Autumn following completion of a period of contractual notice. His date of leaving will provide the appropriate opportunity to pay full tribute in respect of his major contribution as the Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

The Board is responsible for the appointment of the Chief Constable and the process for appointment of Sir Hugh’s successor will now be commenced.”

Secretary of State Shaun Woodward MP

Secretary of State Shaun Woodward MP today paid tribute to Sir Hugh Orde, the man who led the huge changes to policing in Northern Ireland, congratulating him on his election as President of ACPO.

The Secretary of State said: “Hugh has led the PSNI through great reform and met every challenge with great skill and leadership. It is to his immense credit the Police Service of Northern Ireland has developed into one of the most respected police services anywhere in the world.

“He has truly changed the face of policing in Northern Ireland. It stands as an organisation which both inspires and delivers effective and consummate community policing.

“We are all in his debt and he will be greatly missed by the public and officers of the PSNI. We wish him well.”

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith MP

The Home Secretary Jacqui Smith MP said: "My congratulations to Sir Hugh on his election as President of ACPO. Sir Hugh brings with him an outstanding record of service to the public in London and most recently in Northern Ireland. I look forward to working with him as we embed the reforms to policing announced in last year's Green Paper, from further cutting police red tape to building public confidence and tackling local issues that matter to people across the country.

"My thanks go to Sir Ken Jones, the outgoing President, for his leadership of the service over the past three years - I, and my predecessors as Home Secretary, have valued his advice and support enormously.”

Chief Superintendent Michael Skuce, Superintendents' Association of Northern Ireland

Chief Superintendent Michael Skuce, President of the Superintendents Association said: “The Superintendents’ Association of Northern Ireland have been made aware that the Chief Constable, Sir Hugh Orde has been appointed as the new President of ACPO.  The Association is very pleased for Sir Hugh, on a personal basis, and believe that his motivation and professionalism will prove to be an asset to moving policing forward on a national basis.  He has a wealth of experience, which has been enhanced by his command of the PSNI: one of the most difficult jobs in policing.  In command of the PSNI he has shown perseverance and resilience in steering a clear path of operational policing independence and has tackled difficult issues with drive and success.

The Association do believe his leaving is a loss to the PSNI at a difficult time, but have confidence that the legacy of his command will ensure that the PSNI will go from strength to strength.

The members of the Association wish Sir Hugh and his family every success for the future.”

Terry Spence, Police Federation of Northern Ireland

The Chairman of the Police Federation Terry Spence who represents 9,000 Federated ranks of the PSNI has congratulated the Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde on his appointment as President of ACPO.

The Chairman said that the appointment was richly deserved.  “The Chief Constable has always had an open door policy with the Federation and firmly maintained his political independence.  He has shown leadership over very difficult times and is to be further commended for his decision to delay taking up his new appointment until a succession plan is in place.”

U.S. Government

U.S. Consul General in Belfast Susan Elliott said: “Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde has provided outstanding leadership in the delivery of effective policing in Northern Ireland.  His stewardship of police reforms and his determination to combat criminal and paramilitary activity has won him deep respect at the very highest levels of the U.S. Government.  He will leave the Police Service of Northern Ireland as an organization that epitomizes the inspirational achievements of the Northern Ireland peace process.  The United States wishes him well in his new position”.