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Crime Statistics

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Crime Statistics Archive (crime figures dating back to 1968)

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PSNI's Statistics Branch collate crime statistics for Northern Ireland in accordance with the National Crime Recording Standard.  Our statistics are therefore comparable with those produced by the Home Office or by individual police forces in England and Wales. A user guide to police recorded crime statistics in Northern Ireland is available below. This user guide provides background information on various aspects of crime recording including:

   •    Definitions relating to crimes, incidents and detections, including a description of the crime types included within the crime, domestic abuse and hate motivation bulletins

   •    Recording practices, including PSNI data collection, quality and audit processes

   •    Data timeliness and availability

   •    The recording of domestic abuse and hate motivated incidents and crimes

   •    The geographic areas for which crime, domestic abuse and hate motivated incidents and crimes are available (statistics for geographies other than policing area and policing district can be accessed through the Northern Ireland Neighbourhood Information System (NINIS)external link opens new window Internet Site)

   •    Provisional management information drawn from police recorded crime and anti-social behaviour figures, published at street level each month, is available through the police crime mapping websiteexternal link opens new window.

User guide (PDF, 560.1 KB)opens new window (updated September 2014)

Comments and feedback from users have been compiled and are available through the link below, together with the response and any action required.

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Crime Statistics Monthly Update

Monthly Update to 31 August 2014, published 25 September 2014
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The next monthly update covering the 12 months to the end of September 2014 will be published on 30 October 2014.

Previous monthly updates for 2014/15 are available in the Crime Statistics archive. Each monthly bulletin includes current financial year figures which are provisional and subject to slight revision until the finalised figures for the full financial year are published. For this reason the totals for each month, crime type, policing district/area and age/gender in previously published monthly bulletins will always be superseded by the latest monthly update.

Trends in Police Recorded Crime 1998/99 to 2013/14

On 3 July 2014 PSNI published a bulletin providing a comprehensive series of police recorded crime data for each financial year from 1998/99 to 2013/14, allowing the user to monitor long term crime trends. Information in this bulletin is based on a revised crime classification which was introduced in April 2013. While there have been changes at the level of individual classifications, overall crime figures at a Northern Ireland level, as well as by policing district and policing area, do not differ from totals previously published. All previously published bulletins will remain available in the Crime Statistics archive.

Trends in Police Recorded Crime in Northern Ireland 1998/99 to 2013/14, published 3 July 2014
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                                                     excel pivot tables - crime (MS Excel, 4.6 MB)opens new window

                                                     excel pivot tables - victim age and gender (MS Excel, 2.0 MB)opens new window

Crime Statistics Archive (crime figures dating back to 1968)

Visit the Crime Statistics Archive to view annual crime statistics published in previous years.