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Road Traffic Collision Statistics

The Police Service of Northern Ireland statistics on injury road traffic collisions are the main source of information used in Northern Ireland for monitoring and tracking trends on the number of persons killed, seriously and slightly injured as a result of collisions on our roads. The information is used widely within the PSNI and by other partner Agencies, to ensure that emerging problems are quickly identified and can be addressed through a combination of approaches including enforcement (PSNI), education (Road Safety through the Dept of Environment) or by engineering (Transport NI).

The figures on injury collisions collated by the PSNI for Northern Ireland are used alongside those for England, Scotland and Wales, to give the total figures of all such collisions for the UK. The statistics are also widely used by other NI government departments as well as in the media and academia.

Traffic Statistics User Guide (PDF, 382.8 KB)opens new window

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Daily Fatal Update

2015 Road traffic fatalities provisional total (MS Excel, 84.5 KB)opens new window

2016 Road traffic fatalities daily update (MS Excel, 83.5 KB)opens new window

Monthly Update

Injury Road Traffic Collision Statistics November 2015 (PDF, 775.6 KB)opens new window

November 2015 statistics accompanying spreadsheet (MS Excel, 103.5 KB)opens new window

2014 Calendar Year Statistics

2014 Detailed Trends Report (PDF, 2.5 MB)opens new window

2014 Key Statistics Report (PDF, 1.0 MB)opens new window

2014 statistics spreadsheet of tables (MS Excel, 236.0 KB)opens new window

2014/15 Financial Year Statistics

2014/15 Financial Year Road Traffic Collision Statistics (PDF, 1.1 MB)opens new window

2014/15 spreadsheet of tables (MS Excel, 144.0 KB)opens new window

Road Traffic Collisions - Headline Statistics

Road Traffic Fatalities on Northern Ireland Roads since 1931 (MS Excel, 32.5 KB)opens new window

Casualty Summary since 1931 (MS Excel, 36.5 KB)opens new window

Casualties by road user type and severity 2005-2014 (MS Excel, 35.0 KB)opens new window

Child casualties by road user type and severity 2005-2014 (MS Excel, 34.5 KB)opens new window

Child Casualty Summary 1949 - 2014 (MS Excel, 35.0 KB)opens new window

Road Traffic Collisions by causation factor and severity 2005-2014 (MS Excel, 34.0 KB)opens new window

Department for Transport dataexternal link opens new window

Road Safety Authority (Ireland) dataexternal link opens new window

Reported Injury Road Traffic Collisions Archive

Visit the Injury Road Traffic Statistics Archive for previous calendar and financial year publications. Previous monthly updates are also available for this financial year.