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E DISTRICT: Toxic gas Warrentpoint Harbour

05 Dec 2012

Police and emergency services are currently in attendance at a suspected toxic gas incident at the harbour at Warrenpoint. It is believed that a ship had docked in the harbour with a cargo that had become wet and therefore unstable. Toxic gases have been released into the atmosphere. A cordon is currently in place. The ship is being held within this cordon.

At this stage 18 people are suffering from the effects of the aluminium phosphide gas.  Police and emergency service continue to deal with the toxic gas incident at Warrenpoint Harbour.  Nine have been taken to Daisy Hill Hospital and a further nine are currently being treated at the scene.  

A number of homes have been evacuated from Newry Street to the Square. The Town Hall has been made available for those evacuated.

Police are advising nearby residents to close all windows and doors. Due to the north east wind blowing at present residents in Omeath and Carlingford are also being advised to close all windows and doors.