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GENERAL: PSNI Recruiting figures

07 Nov 2013

Just under 7,500 apply to join Police Service of Northern Ireland

Deputy Chief Constable Judith Gillespie has said that the Police Service of Northern Ireland is hugely encouraged with the interest in the recent recruitment campaign. In the coming weeks 7,493 applicants will have completed the initial selection test for the Police Service.

Welcoming the applications, Deputy Chief Constable Judith Gillespie said, “Public service is a rewarding and fulfilling career and no more so than as a police officer. I am delighted that in a period of just over three weeks, so many people have shown they are prepared to step up to the challenge of a career in policing within the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

“Each of the applicants has now started their journey through a rigorous and challenging multi-stage recruitment process, which has been developed to ensure that the very best candidates will go forward to be offered a place on the training programme.

“Initially, 100 successful applicants will attend the Police College, Garnerville for 21 weeks of intensive training, which will include practical and operational policing skills, to ensure they are mentally and physically equipped to perform the important role of police constable.

“Subject to securing additional funding, we hope to be able to appoint up to 378 further student officers from the merit pool of candidates generated by this recruitment campaign.” Deputy Chief Constable Gillespie said.

The breakdown of initial candidates by religion, gender and age are:

·Protestant: 66.7%

·Catholic: 30.6%

·Undetermined: 2.7%

·Male: 64.8%

·Female: 35.2%

·18 - 24 age group: 47.1%

The application process is as follows:

· Candidates must complete an application form (on-line). That will be examined and if the basic criteria of 5 GCSEs at A*- C grade and an IT qualification are not met the application does not go forward.

· Those applicants who meet the criteria are then invited to sit an Initial Selection Test (IST). This test is designed to accommodate a high volume of candidates over a short period of time, and uses an ability test developed specifically for PSNI to assess how well candidates use their critical, numerical, and verbal reasoning to deal with a series of problems. The test also assesses how well candidates deal with a series of situations that a police officer may be expected to face. Those candidates who score highest against the various elements of the test are invited to the Assessment Centre.

· The Assessment Centre consists of a series of exercises designed to assess how candidates deal with real-life policing scenarios. These are both interactive and written exercises, and are similar to the types of exercises that the successful candidates will encounter in training.

· Those who meet the required standard are placed on a merit list, and this list is then passed to the PSNI. At this stage there are five further stages to be looked at: medical; vetting; physical competency assessment; substance misuse testing; and online learning.

· Those who successfully complete these stages are invited to an induction weekend. They are placed on a merit list which is to last until March 2015. Candidates will be processed in waves according to the number being recruited each time.