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Fixed Penalty Offence Codes

Offence Code Offence Wording Offence Endorsable Offence Points
5008001 Jay Walking N 0
5008007 Breach of Signal Given by a Constable Y 3
5008008 Failing to stop for Police N 0
5008013 Excess Speed Y 3
5008019 Driving causing or permitting a person to drive a motor vehicle while uninsured Y 6
5008067 Parking on yellow lines N 0
5008068 Parking within 15 metre of junction N 0
5008069 Parking at a bus stop N 0
5008070 Parking on footway adjacent to Clearway N 0
5008071 Parking in a clearway - AM N 0
5008072 Parking in a clearway - PM N 0
5008073 Parking within the limits of a Pelican Crossing Y 3
5008075 Unlawful use of central reservation of Motorway Y 3
5008076 Reversing on Motorway Y 3
5008077 Driving on hard shoulder of Motorway Y 3
5008078 Parking on hard shoulder of Motorway Y 3
5008079 Pedestrian on Motorway N 0
5008080 Breach of box junction N 0
5008083 Failing to drive in near side lane N 0
5008084 Overtaking on inside lane N 0
5008086 Parking within the limits of a Zebra Crossing Y 3
5008087 Driving classified vehicle on special road Y 3
5008088 Parking so as to obstruct access N 0
5008089 Remain on hard shoulder of motorway longer than necessary Y 3
5008090 Parking in a disabled person's parking space N 0
5008091 Interfering with traffic sign N 0
5008092 Stopping on motorway Y 3
5008098 Parking within the limits of a taxi stand N 0
5008101 Incorrectly parked at parking place N 0
5008102 Unauthorised vehicle in parking place N 0
5008107 Parking in an urban clearway (Portadown) N 0
5008109 Parking without payment N 0
5008110 Incorrectly parked in layby N 0
5008111 Stopping on approach to a Pelican Crossing Y 3
5008114 Failing to Give Precedence to Pedestrian at a Pelican Crossing N 0
5008115 Stopping within the limits of Zebra Controlled area Y 3
5008116 Pedestrian remaining on Zebra crossing longer than necessary N 0
5008117 Overtaking Moving Vehicle on Zebra Crossing Y 3
5008122 Manoeuvring Vehicle Without Signalling N 0
5008145 Failing to display a valid parking ticket N 0
5008149 Wrongful use of a disabled person's badge N 0
5008151 Parking in a Suspended Bay N 0
5008218 Driver of a motorcycle failing to wear protective headgear N 0
5008219 Rider on motorcycle failing to wear protective headgear N 0
5008230 Parking HGV unlawfully (verge;footway;central reservation) N 0
5008231 Leaving vehicle in dangerous position Y 3
5008232 Causing dangerous article to be on road N
5008237 Carrying unauthorised passenger on motorbicycle Y 3
5008240 Unlawfully using moving vehicle for the pruposes of being drawn N
5008247 Dangerous cycling N
5008258 Driving on Land Other Than a Road N
5008267 Parking otherwise than at side of carriageway N
5008268 Breach of Traffic Sign eg Red Light, No Entry, Solid White Lines Y 3
5008269 Breach of Traffic sign N
5008271 Breach of Junction; Waiting restriction Belfast City N
5008272 Waiting within the limits of a bus stop Belfast City N
5008273 Waiting so as to obstruct access to premises Belfast City N
5008274 Waiting otherwise than at the side of the carriageway Belfast City N
5008275 Waiting within the limits of Taxi stand Belfast City N
5008286 Driving on a Buslane on Motorway Y 3
5010007 No L Plates displayed Y 3
5010009 Unaccompanied `L' Driver Y 3
5010010 `L' Driver carrying passenger on motorcycle Y 3
5010011 'L' Driver carrying unauthorised passenger on motorcycle Y 3
5010012 'L' Driver Towing a Trailer Y 3
5010015 No 'R' Plates Displayed Y 2
5010026 Exceeding 45mph while displaying R Plates N
5010029 Exceeding 45mph while displaying L Plates N 0
5012006 Being unauthorised passenger on goods vehicle N 0
5012007 Carrying unauthorised passenger on goods vehicle N 0
5012008 Carrying unauthorised passenger on goods vehicle N 0
5012012 Using trailer for carrying passengers for hire or reward N 0
5012013 Excess Weight N
5012015 Excess axle weight N
5012027 No PSV Licence N
5012032 No Vehicle Test Certificate N
5012047 Overcrowding on PSV N
5012051 Failing to wear taxi drivers' badge N
5012053 Exceeding driving periods N
5012054 Failing to operate switch mechanisms to tachograph N
5012055 Using record sheet for longer than stipulated N
5012057 Failing to return record sheet within 21 days N
5012061 Failing to keep tachograph record sheets in clean condition N
5012066 No taxi roof sign N
5012074 Failing to take daily rest period from driving N
5012085 Driver smoking in PSV N 0
5012086 Passenger smoking in PSV N 0
5012102 No Goods Vehicle Test Certificate N
5013004 Insecure Load N
5013006 No speedometer N
5013007 Defective speedometer N
5013010 Unmarked tow rope N
5013013 No mirrors on motor vehicle N
5013016 Defective windscreen washers N
5013019 Dirty windscreen N
5013021 No Prescribed Braking System Y 3
5013022 Defective Braking System Y 3
5013025 Defective Steering Y 3
5013028 No windscreen wipers N
5013029 Defective windscreen wipers N
5013032 Defective seatbelts N
5013036 Carrying child under 14 years without seat belt (front) Y 3
5013037 Defective exhaust and silencer system N
5013040 Excessive smoke N
5013042 Using strident horn on motor vehicle N
5013043 No horn N
5013045 Using vehicle fitted with two tone horn N
5013046 Using horn when stationary N
5013049 Defective Tyre - General Y 3
5013067 Driver unable to have proper control of vehicle Y 3
5013068 No footrests on motorcycle N
5013074 Failing to switch off engine N
5013075 Failing to Set Handbrake Y 3
5013078 Excess noise N
5013079 No passenger seat belt fitted N
5013081 No mudguards on trailer N
5013084 Failing to notify police of abnormal load N
5013085 No manufacturer's plate fitted N
5013089 No mudguards on motor car N
5013090 No mudguards on agricultural motor vehicle N
5013091 Tyres insufficient to support axle weight Y 3
5013092 Unframed internal mirror N
5013093 No windscreen washers N
5013094 No driver's seat belt fitted N
5013095 No anchorage points N
5013096 Insure petrol tank N
5013097 Leaking petrol tank N
5013102 Use vehicle not fitted with suitable and sufficient springs N
5013104 Tampering with excess fuel device N
5013107 No mudguards on motorcycle N
5013108 No rear protective guard N
5013109 Defective rear protective guard N
5013110 No side protective guard N
5013111 Defective side protective guard N
5013114 Dangerous mascot on motor N
5013115 Carrying child under 14 years without seatbelt (rear) Y 3
5013116 Opening vehicle's door causing danger N
5013117 Driver unable to have full view of road N
5013118 Reversing for Unreasonable Distance N
5013119 Failing to stop machinery when vehicle is stationary N
5013120 Sounding horn at night on a restricted road N
5013121 Drawing more than permitted number of trailers N
5013122 Towing with rope in excess of prescribed limit N
5013126 Exceeding height limit of semi-trailer Y 3
5013127 Trailer failing to have minimum ground clearance N
5013128 Vehicle exceeding permitted length N
5013129 Vehicle exceeding permitted width N
5013130 Vehicle exceeding permitted overhang N
5013133 No spray suppression device N
5013134 Failing to maintain spray suppression device N
5013135 Motorcycle sidecar not properly attached N
5013136 Carrying passengers in a living van N
5013137 Lifting apparatus not properly secured N
5013138 Television receiving apparatus in sight of Driver N
5013140 Failing to wear seat belt- passenger N 0
5013141 Driving passenger car with unrestrained child under 12 years Y 3
5013156 Using Motor Vehicles in Dangerous Condition Y 3
5013172 Failing to maintain excess fuel device N
5013179 Failure to Have Obligatory Lamp or Reflector or Rear Marking N
5013265 Using a Mobile Phone Whilst Driving Y 3
5013266 Using a Vehicle With Windows With Insufficient Transmission of Light N 0
5013266 Using a Vehicle With Windows With Insufficient Transmission of Light N
5013268 Failing to Wear Seat Belt - Driver Y 3
5013269 Driver Carrying Unbelted Child Under 14 Years Y 3
5013271 Driver Carrying Child Under 12 Years and under 135cms without proper restraint Y 3
5013272 Using a Hand-held Mobile Phone Y 3
5013273 Driver does not have Proper Control of Vehicle Y 3
5013274 Driver does not have Full View of Road and Traffic Ahead Y 3
5014012 No lights on pedal cycle N
5014023 No lights on projecting load N
5014024 No side marker lamps on projecting load N
5014050 Fitting lamp capable of showing red light to front N
5014057 Failing to have warning beacon fitted N
5014058 Defective light N
5014064 Using vehicle when lamp not lit and unobscured N
5014065 Allow unlighted vehicle to remain at rest on a road N
5014068 Unlawful use of lamp N
5014069 Unlawful use of hazard warning signal device N
5014072 No School Bus Sign N
5015006 No Number Plate N
5015010 Obscured Number Plate N
5015011 Failing to Display Trade Plates N
5015013 Incorrect Form of Registration Mark N