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ICT Placements

ICT Student Placements - Recruiting March 2014!

***PLEASE NOTE: This competition is now closed***
Interviews and shortlisting are currently in progress - Please contact HR Connect (see below) with any queries

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) is looking for the next generation of ICT professionals for a 51 week placement.  We are seeking candidates as part of a wider Northern Ireland Executive ICT Placement recruitment scheme.  The competition opens 3rd March 2014.  For applications and more information, visit:

About the PSNI Student Placement

The Police Service has its own ICT department, Information and Communication Services branch (ICS) that provides a wide spectrum of information and communications technologies to support Personal, Professional, Protective policing. We host some of the most advanced police technologies in the world and the demand keeps growing.

Our placement students for 2013/2014 have been deployed across ICS' broad portfolio, namely, Social Media, Crime database support, ICT Operations, Radios and radio network, rapid application development, hardware services and business analysis.  After six months we plan to rotate students, so they get the maximum out of their placement, as well setting some in-year challenges to develop those much needed career skills.

PSNI's placement opportunities differ greatly from others, because we cover most ICT interests and operate in a 24/7 environment with challenges unique to policing and security in Northern Ireland.  Be assured, you will be deployed into official ICT roles, helping to deliver real world solutions and services that affect the wellbeing of communities and public safety across Northern Ireland.  Placements are salaried, starting in approximately August 2014 and lasting 51 weeks. Security vetting is required.

See our recruitment document (PDF) document for 2013-2014 PSNI placement student feedback and other PSNI information.

How do I apply?

As mentioned, PSNI is recruiting in partnership with the Northern Ireland Executive.  As such, all the information you need should be found at their recruitment website:

Please note, this competition is closed.  Completed application forms had to be returned not later than 12:00 noon (UK time) on Friday 21st March 2014.

Am I eligible?

If you are a student, anticipating a placement year 2014-2015, with 50% or more ICT in your degree/HND, then you meet the basics.

However, we also want candidates passionate about ICT; ready to work in a dynamic and unique environment; and looking to make a contribution to safety and wellbeing of our communities.  ICT has a critical role in the delivery of policing services across Northern Ireland.  So, when applying, put PSNI as your preference.  Please note, PSNI cannot answer questions on eligibility, applications or the recruitment process.  Instead, please contact HR Connect.

Need to know more?

This competition is now closed.  HR Connect will now process submitted applications in a sifting exercise.  It is anticipated interview invites will be go out in early April 2014 and interviews conducted in late April.  Addiitional queries relating to eligibility, applications, interviews and all short-listings should be directed to NI Executive/HR Connect only:


       Tel: 0800 1 300 330

       [All requests must include your name, address and reference number IRC189305]

PSNI has no direct input into the initial recruitment/application process. PSNI cannot answer questions on eligibility, applications or the recruitment process.  Instead, please contact HR Connect.  However, for information specific to working on a PSNI placement, see our recruitment booklet (PDF) or email (Monday-Friday, 09:00-17:00).