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Organised Crime - it's closer than you think

New videos have been launched by the Organised Crime Task Force to highlight the harm which organised crime causes to individuals and communities in Northern Ireland.

Entitled ‘Organised Crime – it’s closer than you think’, the videos highlight key areas where ordinary people may be at risk from organised crime, areas such as counterfeit goods, laundered fuel, illicit cigarettes, fraud, drugs and human trafficking.

Over the coming months, OCTF plans to engage with a range of politicians, groups and organisations to raise awareness and to seek support in cascading the message about the harm caused by organised crime.
A recent survey suggests that a decreasing number of people see it as their role to refuse to purchase counterfeit or illicit goods or services. The OCTF has been undertaking work to tackle that view, and it will remain a priority in the year ahead.

As part of this important work, the OCTF is today launching the videos to raise awareness about the issues which affect individuals, families, traders, workers and communities. The video project has been led by PSNI and funded through the Assets Recovery Community Scheme.

To view the videos, please click on the following links:

Organised Crime -

Fuel & Pharmaceuticals -

Farming -

Drugs & Human Trafficking -

Counterfeit Goods -

ATM Fraud & Counterfeit Alcohol -