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Charlie Stead Murder Appeal

26 Feb 2007

Detectives investigating the murder of 92 years old Charles Stead in his home in Canberra Park in Dundonald on Monday the 26 Feb 2007 have appealed to members of the building trade for information.

Detective Chief Inspector Jeff Smyth thanked the community for their assistance so far with the investigation, and made a specific call for assistance from witnesses:

“Firstly I want to thank the members of the public who, following last week’s appeal called the Incident Room with information which has led to further lines of enquiry. Without your help we cannot be as effective in tracking down Charlie Stead’s killer.

“We know that in recent months residents of Canberra Park and adjoining streets have had calls from workmen offering services including, power hosing driveways, window cleaning and fixing gutterings and roofs. If you have carried out any work please contact our Incident Room on Belfast 028 9070 0355 or 101 Non Emergency Number so that you can be eliminated from our enquiries. I also want to ask the residents of Dundonald - if you have sought to have maintenance work carried out around your house recently and have made contact with any firm or workmen, please let us know. Whilst this is NOT our only line of enquiry, it is an important aspect of our investigation at this time.”

The detective also made an appeal for anyone to come forward if they noticed any cars in Canberra Park that would not usually be there:

“Our enquiries have revealed that there were a number of as yet unidentified vehicles parked in Canberra Park last Monday morning. If you parked your car in this or adjoining street any time between 8am and 1pm then we are keen to speak to you,” said the Detective Chief Inspector.

Mr Smyth said that someone who had been through the area in the hours up to Charlie Stead’s death holds the key to exactly what happened to him:

“It is important that we build up a picture of who was in the Canberra Park area last Monday morning, as we believe people in or travelling through this area may have seen something which will help us identify suspects to this brutal murder. You can contact my team by ringing 028 9070 0355 or 101 Non Emergency Number or using the Crimestoppers line on 0800 555 111.”