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Be SMART Anti Rape Campaign

Be SMART - the campaign aimed at helping students and young people keep safe while out and about.

Make sure you know the facts...

  • FACT: Many sexual assaults happen to women aged between 16 - 29
  • FACT: Alcohol and / or drugs are involved in over half of all assaults.
  • FACT: 75% of sexual assault victims know their attacker.
  • FACT: Less than 30% of rape victims are attacked by strangers.
  • FACT: Consent must be given before you have sex. Sex without consent is rape.

Keeping yourself safe is about being SMART

Say no to any sex you don't want
Make yourself clearly understood
Alcohol or drugs will affect your judgement
Rape can stay with you for life
Take care and reduce your risk of assault

Alcohol and drugs can make you feel more confident and alcohol is the preferred date rape drug - it can distort your perceptions and judgement and makes you more vulnerable. But it doesn't have to be that way...

Simple precautions will keep you safe... check out the suggestions below.  And remember, after that second or third drink, those 'beer goggles' may start to come into effect, so make a pact with your friends at the beginning of the evening to keep each other safe.

  • Always leave your drink with someone you trust, don't share drinks and never accept a drink from someone that you don't know or have just met.
  • Don't get so drunk that you don't know what you're doing.
  • Plan how you're going to get home. Don't walk home alone or go back with someone you have just met - stay with friends or use a taxi.
  • Would you go alone into a stranger’s house at 11am in the morning? No? So why do it at 2am drunk? Arrange to meet new acquaintances when sober.
  • Always make sure that someone knows whereyou are and when you're expected back.
  • Keep your bag zipped and held close to you.
  • Don't' wear headphones late at night - they may stop you being able to hear people around you.

Think about it...

Be aware - alcohol is the most commonly used date rape drug and two thirds of sexual offences occur within somebody's house.

Pulling someone then going back to their place or yours can make you vulnerable - especially if you're drunk or have taken drugs. How will you stop then if you say no and they continue anyway? If you were drunk, how will you know if you consented to sex or not the next morning? Nasty thought isn't it?

And for guys...

Don't forget, if you didn't get consent before sex - that makes you a rapist.  Tough word isn't it. Try explaining that one to your family and friends. But that's what rape means - 'sex without consent'.

Consent has to be explicit. It's not enough to think ' they haven't said no so I'll carry on anyway'. If the person you're with is incapable of making that decision because they are drunk or drugged, then it still makes you a rapist. Never thought it like that before. Be SMART - start thinking like that now and pass the message on.

Sex without consent is rape
Make sure you ask and get a clear response
Alcohol or drugs will affect your judgement
Rape convictions last forever
Take NO for an answer

Wise up

Whatever your gender or sexuality, if you're gearing up for a night out, you need to look after yourself - personal safety starts with you and how much you drink. Do you need that final pint? Do you really need that spliff or line of coke? Or is your judgement being affected and are your 'beer goggles' starting to come into play?

Are you a victim of sexual assault?

If you find yourself the victim of sexual assault, you need to inform someone as soon as possible to ensure you get the support you may need.

Link to Serious Crime Branch - Rape Crime Unit Facebook page

Based on an idea from Sussex Police