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Anti-Social Behaviour Statistics

Latest Anti-Social Behaviour Incidents Monthly Update

Anti-Social Behaviour Statistics Archive (figures dating back to 2006/07)

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Anti-Social behaviour incidents reported to the police are recorded in accordance with the National Standard for Incident Recording (NSIR), which sets out a common approach to be followed in classifying the broad range of calls for service the police receive from the general public. In many cases these incidents may be crimes in law, such as littering, but they are not of a level of severity that would result in the recording of a notifiable crime. Thus, they are not included in the main police recorded crime dataset.

While incidents are recorded under NSIR in accordance with the same ‘victim focused’ approach that applies to police recorded crime, these figures are not accredited National Statistics and are not subject to the same level of quality assurance as the police recorded crime figures. Incident figures should be interpreted as ‘calls for service’ rather than as a reflection of the true level of victimisation. It is likely that reporting rates for these incidents will be lower than those for the higher severity offences included in recorded crime. In addition, incident figures provide an incomplete count of the extent of reported anti-social behaviour as such incidents can also be reported to other agencies, such as local councils, and these reports would not generally be included in police figures.

Data on anti-social behaviour incidents reported to the police have been compiled since the NSIR was introduced in April 2006. Between April 2006 and March 2011, ASB incidents were split into fourteen different incident types, and these categories were used as the basis on which ASB incident levels were reported. Statistics on incidents reported between 2006/07 and 2010/11 can be found in the Anti-Social Behaviour Statistics Archive.

Following Home Office national guidance introduced on 1st April 2011 on how police forces record ASB incidents, the existing approach was changed to focus more on the needs of the caller or risk to the caller rather than the previous approach which centred on categorising the type of ASB incident. As a result the number of ASB incident types has been reduced from fourteen to three. The focus is now on how the ASB incident being reported impacts on the caller, with emphasis placed on identifying the vulnerable individuals, communities and environments most at risk.

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Comments and feedback from users have been compiled and are available through the link below, together with the response and any action required.

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Anti-social behaviour statistics by policing area and policing district are available through the bulletins listed on this page. Statistics for additional geographic areas are also available through the Northern Ireland Neighbourhood Information System (NINIS)external link opens new window Internet Site.

Provisional management information drawn from police recorded crime and anti-social behaviour figures, published at street level each month, is available through the police crime mapping websiteexternal link opens new window.

Anti-Social Behaviour Incidents Monthly Update

Monthly Update to 31 August 2014, published 25 September 2014
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The next monthly update covering the 12 months to the end of September 2014 will be published on 30 October 2014.

Previous monthly updates for 2014/15 are available in the Anti-Social Behaviour Statistics Archive. Anti-social behaviour incidents are extracted from an operational system and, as such, are always subject to slight revision. For this reason the totals for each month and policing district/area in previously published monthly bulletins will always be superseded by the latest monthly bulletin.

Anti-Social Behaviour Statistics Archive (figures dating back to 2006/07)

Visit the Anti Social Behaviour Statistics Archive to view anti social behaviour statistics prior to 2014/15.