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Chief Constable comments following Carrick disturbance

06 Dec 2012

Following a press facility at PSNI Headquarters today in relation to the recent protests and disorder Chief Constable Matt Baggott said,

"Last night we sadly witnessed again the outrageous and irresponsible behaviour of people who do not agree with democracy.

"Their actions have brought shame on their communities and they have put innocent people's lives at risk, particularly at this busy time of year when towns and city centres are full of families shopping for Christmas.

"The mob violence and the intimidation we have seen in the past few days is not acceptable and there can be no excuses for it.

"It is an outrage to have democratic parties intimidated and burned out simply because they took a democratic decision. It is wrong.


"The PSNI will provide a very strong presence and robust approach to any disorder over the next few days. I shall be looking to the courts to bring to justice anyone involved in violent or intimidating behaviour. The community can be assured we will be studying social media websites very carefully indeed and we will be investigating anyone who has been inciting this violence.   

"This year and last, Her Majesty the Queen set an example, alongside the Irish President, of tolerance and respect. Loyalty to a country or flag is never a reason to set aside democratic decisions or the rule of law.

"Today, I am asking everybody to be calm and take a step back. I am asking our senior politicians to help and will be seeing the First Minister later. Careless or exaggerated words give the minority an excuse for violence.

"The world is watching and it will make its judgment on the events of the next few days. That judgment will affect people's jobs, tourism, economic development and the hopes and future of our young people. There is much at stake in how people behave over the next few days."