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Telephone Advice

It is important to remember not to give out information about yourself to strangers. Often we do this without thinking.

General Telephone Advice

  • When you pick up, never give out your number. It is your personal identity – be careful what you do with it.
  • If the caller claims to have a wrong number, do not tell them what your number is – get them to repeat the number they require.
  • Do not reveal any information about yourself to a stranger.
  • Never say you are alone in the house.

Abusive or Threatening Calls

These can be extremely upsetting but try not to panic. Follow our simple advice and keep yourself safe.

  • Put the receiver down and walk away.
  • Come back a few minutes later and replace the receiver – do not listen to see if the caller is still there.
  • Do not speak. Tell the police and the operator, if the calls continue.
  • Keep a record of the date, time and content of each phone call to help us trace the caller.