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The Police Service has carried out a number of Equality Impact Assessments which are available to view in this archive.  

Alcohol Test Purchasing

Citizenship and Safety Education (CASE) Programme

Promotion Process for Police Officers

PSNI Proposals to Introduce Taser as an Option for Use by the Police Service of Northern Ireland

PSNI Voluntary Severance Scheme

Support for Victims

The Process of Recruitment to the Police Service of Northern Ireland

The Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults

PSNI Workforce Plan

Speedy Justice EQIA Documentation

Vetting procedures

Youth Diversion Scheme

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If you have any comments regarding our equality research, or if you require a document in an alternative format, please contact:

Section 75 Manager
Policing with the Community Branch
42 Montgomery Road

Email: [email protected]


Speedy Justice EQIA

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