The Law on Sex in Northern Ireland

Rape, Serious Sexual Assaults and Sexual Exploitation has a devastating impact on victims, families and communities. This crime affects all ages, genders, backgrounds and cultures. We are committed to providing an excellent service to any person who has been affected by such a heinous crime, recent or non-recent. We work alongside partners in Criminal Justice, Health, Education and Victim's group/services to bring offenders to justice and provide support for victims.

  • Child Protection

    Children and young people can suffer abuse in many settings, for example, in a family, or in an institutional or community setting.

  • Domestic Abuse

    Domestic abuse is any incident of threatening behaviour or violence between people in an intimate or family-type relationship.

  • E-Safety for Young People

    “Empowering, educating and encouraging young people and their families to be safe in their virtual world”

  • Sexual Violence and Abuse

    Sexual violence and abuse is a crime. It can be defined as any behaviour perceived to be of a sexual nature which is unwanted and takes place without consent or understanding.

  • Victim Support

    If you have become a victim of crime, you may wonder what action you should or can take. Feelings and emotions ranging from anger to helplessness or fear and worry may also add confusion to the matter.