Temporary Head of Legal Services Ralph Roche

Ralph Roche is the Temporary Head of Legal Services and Human Rights Legal Adviser for PSNI. He is responsible for the provision of legal advice to the organisation and for managing Legal Services Branch.

Ralph joined PSNI in 2006 as the Human Rights Legal Adviser, a role created by the Patten Report. In October 2015, he was temporarily promoted to Head of Legal Services Branch.

He is a solicitor, qualified in Northern Ireland and England and Wales. He holds an LL.B. from Trinity College Dublin and an LL.M. from University College Dublin.

Prior to joining PSNI, he lived in Bosnia and Herzegovina for a number of years, where he worked for a human rights court, the High Representative to BiH and the European Commission. Ralph has also worked for the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission. He is married with two children. His main interests are reading and travel.