REFRESH - Young Digital Team Competition

Welcome to the REFRESH: Young Digital Team Competition page. Thank you for your interest in this fantastic opportunity for young people in Northern Ireland. In this section we will explain the application process, give you as much information as possible and hopefully answer any questions you may have.


The first stage of this competition is your initial application. You can download your application form here

How to enter

We have created two ways for you to enter. The first is included on the application form and is a section where you can tell us your thoughts on improving the youth section of the website in 500 words or less. 

The second way you can enter is to become the star of your own video! We would like you to create a video no longer than two minutes and tell us how we can improve the youth section of the website. Once the video is created, you should upload it to YouTube but don’t forget to add the link in the ‘YouTube URL’ section of your application form. 

The application form also has two blank design pages. On these you can draw or design any ideas you have to show us how creative you are. If you want to create your design on a computer or draw and write on a printed copy, the choice is yours.

In both methods of entry, you must complete the application form fully and have your parent or guardian sign the form agreeing to your entry.

On the application form you can specify a school or group which you may be representing or you may just wish to enter as an individual. We also require you to specify which of the Education Board areas you live in. This allows us to shortlist five candidates from each area to progress to the second stage of the competition.

You must then post your fully completed entry form to:

REFRESH – Young Digital Team Competition

Police Service of Northern Ireland

65 Knock Road


BT5 6LE 


What are we looking for?

Your initial application is your opportunity to present your ideas for a better youth section of the PSNI website. This is your opportunity to show us how creative and innovative you are. We encourage you to think about what information you would want to see on the youth section and why. Remember… this is going to be a resource for young people across Northern Ireland; you might want to do a little research and consider what issues have an impact on young people within and outside your own community also.

Although we have included two blank design pages in the application form, we are not looking just for people with excellent computer design skills. If you have a talent for language and believe you could help present our information in a better way, if you have an interest in issues that affect young people and wish to help us get the right information or if you are a talented artist and can create a drawn design which we can incorporate, this competition is for you!

When considering your design, we would encourage you to look at the youth section which we currently have and think about how you would make it more appealing or relevant to young people not just in your own community, but across Northern Ireland. You should think about what information is important, how it is worded and the way it is presented. 



Once we receive all the submissions we will conduct a shortlisting process. Candidates who are selected will then be invited to present their idea to a panel (in the company of their parent/guardian). The presentation should be five minutes in length with a further five minutes for questions from the panel. You can format your presentation in whichever way you choose, whether it is a slick computer presentation, a heartfelt speech or a demonstration of your unique personal qualities, this is your moment to shine!  It will be your opportunity to explain why you made your design the way it is and how your design will help to provide the right information in an appealing and easy to understand manner to young people across Northern Ireland. 



Following the above stages, we will select the members of our Young Digital Team. Those selected will then be invited to meet some of our officers from different departments. You will have an opportunity to ask questions, get the information you want and develop ideas about how Police and young people can work better together. You will also be invited to attend some events with organisations which work with young people across Northern Ireland to gain an understanding about how they try and make young people’s lives better and how they tackle issues within the community.

This period of research will be very important to you in developing information which you think that young people across Northern Ireland should be aware of and how we can all work together to keep people safe.

The Young Digital Team will then work with our website staff to create a section which will be live on our website and provide a valuable resource for young people to get information on a wide range of issues. 

Following the successful development of a new page, Young Digital Team members will be invited to a press event to showcase their work on the public stage. Team members will be presented with a certificate of achievement recognising their excellence and skill. A certificate of recognition will also be presented to the organisation or school whom the young person is representing, if applicable.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact us at

Please note: This email address will not accept application forms. Any applications sent to this address will be rejected.  



Download your application form and the Terms and Conditions here:

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