Refresh FAQs

We hope the below FAQs answer any questions you may have. If you have any further questions please send them to:

What is this all about?

We want to give Young People across Northern Ireland an opportunity to have their voice heard and create a valuable online resource for all Young People to help Keep People Safe.  

How can I enter?

You will find the application form to download on the main competition page. This form needs to be printed off, your details added and signed by your Parent or Guardian. 

The form details two ways to enter. First, on the form you can tell us in 500 words or less how we can improve the Young People's section of our website as it currently appears. 

Alternatively you can upload a YouTube video lasting no longer than two minutes where you can tell us how we can improve our website section for Young People. Just insert the link on the form in the appropriate section.

There are also two blank pages on the form for you to design or show how you would change the look of the website.

Whichever way you choose to enter, you must print off the form and return it to:

Refresh: Young Digital Team Competition

PSNI Headquarters

65 Knock Road



Are there age limits?

Yes. The competition is open to Young People who are post-primary school up to the age of 18 on the 15th April 2016. 

What happens after I enter?

Your entry will be reviewed by a panel of competition judges, including members of our own website development team. 

In order to gain a wide range of experiences amongst the selected Young Digital Team, we will be shortlisting five applicants from each of the Education Board areas to progress in the process.

If you are one of the shortlisted applicants, you will be invited to present your ideas to a panel. The presentation should last no longer than five minutes and you should be prepared to answer a few questions about your ideas. This is your time to shine!

Following the presentations, we will select one applicant from each of the Education Board areas to form the Young Digital Team who will each receive an iPad Air 2 to help them in the development of the new website section.

Is this not just a competition for computer designers?

Not at all!

We are looking for talented Young People from a range of backgrounds and with a range of skills. If you have an interest in issues impacting on the lives of Young People, then we want you to enter! If you have a talent in Art or Design we want you to enter! If you are passionate about language and how we can better get our message across to Young People, we want you to enter! 

We want you to show us how your skills or interests, no matter what they are, can help shape how we develop the Young People's section of our new website and create a valuable online resource for Young People across Northern Ireland.

If I get selected to be part of the team what happens?

If you are selected to be part of the Young Digital Team you will help us create the new Young Person's section of the PSNI website.

Over the summer, you will have an opportunity to go on research trips to see various departments within the police and how we work to Keep People Safe. You will also attend days with some of our community partners who deal with Young People's issues to allow you to discover what information would be useful and relevant to Young People across Northern Ireland today. 

We will help you to gain a broad understanding of what Young People might need from the website section to help with any issues they might be facing.

You will then help us write, lay out and publish the new PSNI Young People's website section. 

Being selected to be on the Young Digital Team represents a significant achievement and may be valuable for any future University or employment applications. You will be presented with a certificate of achievement at the launch of the new Young Person's section, thanking you for your talent, commitment and creativity. 

Keeping People Safe