A Youth Independent Advisory Group is a community-led group of young people aged from 13 to 18 years old who provide independent advice to the Police Service.

The aim is to encourage local young people to have their say on how we can improve the quality of the policing service we deliver and to improve trust and reassurance within our community.

The group gives us advice on issues that affect young people, for example after a serious crime or incident.  They also consult with police on plans and policies that might impact on youth culture.  Youth Independent Advisory Groups offer you a way to make a difference to how your community is policed.

Youth Independent Advisory Groups also have a social side, enjoying fun team-building activities that help build confidence and relationships within the group.

Youth IAG Frequently Asked Questions

Is this just a way for police to get information from young people about crime?

No.  Issues will be discussed in very general terms.  However, if something is disclosed to a police officer that causes concerns for someone’s safety or suggests that someone may be at risk of harm then the police officer is duty-bound to act on that information to protect the public.  Likewise if information is disclosed to police about an offence we must take action to deal with it.

How will police use the advice given by the group?

We will carefully consider the advice given by members and will be responsible for any actions we take arising out of that advice.  We will not act on every piece of advice but we will always report back to the group about what advice has or has not been followed and the reasons why.

Why join a Youth Independent Advisory Group?

Group members will have the chance to:

  • Speak directly with police officers and decision makers
  • Have their voice heard and express views
  • Engage with other members of the local community and hear their views
  • Question and challenge the views of other people in a constructive way
  • Consider their own biases and prejudices
  • Build relationships between police, young people and the community
  • Raise the profile of young people within the community
  • Feel a sense of achievement and improve leadership skills
What are group members expected to do?

Group members are expected to:

  • Contribute time, energy and commitment to attend regular meetings
  • Share their personal knowledge, awareness and experience of community issues within the group
  • Provide advice to us to help monitor and improve the quality of the policing service we deliver and help us understand issues that affect youth

Group members will also be consulted about critical / major incidents, the pre-planned policing of events as well as the development of police policies and procedures.

Do group members need any special skills?

No.  We will provide training to group members to help them understand how policing works so that they can contribute to the policing debate.

We will also train you on committee skills including minute taking and how to chair meetings. These are skills that you will find useful in your future career.

Do group members get paid?

No.  This is voluntary work.  If we paid group members some people might question the group’s independence.

However, we do value the advice that we are given and the time that members dedicate to the group, so we pay reasonable expenses.  Membership may also prove to be a useful addition to your CV.


Contact Us

If you are interested in joining your local Youth Independent Advisory Group telephone :-

Lee Russell on 028 9092 2744.