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Thank you for your interest in partnering with us to prevent and detect crime and to keep people safe this Christmas.

Our policing operation will run into January and we will ensure that resources, including highly visible patrols, are deployed across all parts of Northern Ireland to deter and detect criminality and provide visible reassurance to the public.

The main focus of our operation is public safety across a range of priorities including shopping, roads and transport, safety in the home and safety when out and about and socialising. We will also have a particular focus on violence against women and girls with an increased presence in nightlife areas, working with the hospitality industry and other partners to improve safety in public spaces.

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We would welcome your support for our campaign by considering:-

  • Following our social media platforms and support the campaign by liking or sharing any of the content on to your organisation's social media platforms Include some information in your newsletter.
  • Using the example news article in your website news section or in your newsletter.
  • Printing of some of the linked posters or leaflets and making them available in your offices and premises.

If you need any further support or guidance please contact PublicAffairs&[email protected]