Anti Social Behaviour

Whilst Anti-social behaviour is not a crime it can have a huge impact upon your quality of life leading you to feel like a prisoner in your own home or put you off using local amenities.

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The term anti-social behaviour is used to describe a wide range of inconsiderate and nuisance behaviour, such as excessive noise, graffiti, littering and disputes with neighbours. While this type of behaviour may not, in itself, fall within the scope of the criminal law, it can have an equally adverse effect on the quality of life of individuals and communities. It is therefore important to address concerns about anti-social behaviour at an early stage, before a problem appears to be getting needlessly out of control.

We encourage the reporting of anti-social behaviour to see how we can help to reduce the fear and unease it can cause.

Who can help me?

PSNI - We are the best first port of call for incidents that are happening there and then and that you feel may escalate into something more serious.  Often what may seem like disorderly behaviour may actually be people committing crimes such as damaging property or fighting in the street.

Local Councils – Your local councils have a wide range of criminal and civil powers to deal with issues such as noisy neighbours, littering and dog fouling.  Some Councils have employed Community Safety Wardens to help with this task.

Housing Executive & Housing Associations – The Housing Executive and Housing Associations have a number of options available to deal with tenants and those on their property who are causing anti-social behaviour.

The table below sets out some of the remedies for dealing with anti-social behaviour and the agencies which lead on them. 

Anti-Social Behaviour Non-Statutory Interventions