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March 12, 2020 | Organisational Information

Reference: F-2020-00750


Request 1
Following a recent FOI response (F-2019-03009) I wish to make a refined FOI request based on the PSNI's assistance and guidance as to what information might be available. I wish to seek the following information in relation to the removal and disposal of asbestos and asbestos contaminated materials at Gough Barracks, Armagh in 1998. A copy of a survey by RUC Construction Services of B Block in June 1998.

Request 2
Documentation detailing scientific / laboratory tests confirming the presence and type of asbestos discovered at Block B in 1998.

Request 3
Documentation detailing health and safety concerns in connection to asbestos material and contaminated material at Gough Barracks in 1998, including documentation from the RUC Health and Safety Department.

Request 4
Copy of a direction from RUC Police Authority Buildings Department to RUC Construction Services in July 1998 to remove asbestos material and decontaminate the area.

Request 5
Documentation from the Police Authority of Northern Ireland in relation to asbestos contamination and the destruction of documents at Gough Barracks in 1998.

Request 6
Details of the contract to remove asbestos and contaminated material from Gough Barracks in 1998 – please provide the name of the contract company and the cost of contract.

Request 7
An annual breakdown of how many people were arrested at Gough Barracks between 1985 and 1995?

Request 8
Please also provide the following documents if they are not already included in the above requests for information:
a) 29th June 1998 - A fax from the Police Authority Buildings Division to Inspector Buildings Branch in relation to the discovery of asbestos at Gough Barracks.
b) 20th July 1998 – An RUC report from Detective Inspector to ACC Crime Knocknagoney
c) 27th July 1998 – An RUC report from ACC Crime to Inspector Buildings Branch
d) 10th August 1998 - An RUC report from Inspector Buildings Branch to Detective Superintendent Knocknagoney
e) 20th August 1998 – An RUC report from Detective Chief Inspector Headquarters to Detective Inspector Force Intelligence Bureau
f) 21st August 1998 – An RUC report from Detective Inspector Force Intelligence Bureau to Detective Inspector Regional Intelligence Unit South
g) Two further undated RUC reports detailing the completion of the asbestos removal and destruction of documents in 1998.



Asbestos at Gough Barracks Armagh 1998