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Reference: F-2023-01058


Request 1
In the 2022 calendar year how many crimes were logged by your force where Airbnb was recorded as being an element in the offence?

[Note: I would hope that this could be achieved by a computer search on the MO/Investigation Summary Field of crimes for the word/s ‘airbnb’, ‘air bnb’, ‘air-bnb’ and ‘air bandb’.]

Request 2
Please provide me with a table showing a breakdown of the crimes from Question 1 that are ‘linked’ to Airbnb by its mention in the MO/Investigation Summary Field.

Request 3
Please provide me with copies of the first 10 MOs/Investigation Summary Field that mention Airbnb.

[Note: To avoid falling into an exemption I am content for the names, ages, geography or any other detail to be redacted to allow for the disclosure of the incident and how it relates to Airbnb.]