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October 03, 2022 | Technology and Equipment

Reference: FOI - 2022 - 02177


Request 1
The number of Automatic External Defibrillators that are in place in the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

Request 2
The number of AEDs in place in police forces across your region and the UK.

Request 3
Where are AEDs distributed in your organization? Are they typically found in intervention vehicles and/or stations?

Request 4
What brands of AED does your organization use or consider? Is it possible to say what brands police services are using across the UK and to give an estimate of their market share in 2020/2021?

Request 5
Would the police services typically use simple or complex AEDs, or both?

Request 6
On average, what is the purchasing price of an AED that police services are paying?

FOI - 2022 - 02177