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June 11, 2020 | Organisational Information

Reference: F-2020-01231


Request 1
Does your force use body worn cameras?

Request 2
If the answer is yes please indicate whether this is part of a trial or if the technology has been adopted on a permanent basis?

Request 3
How many body worn cameras has your force purchased?

Request 4
How much has your force spent on body worn cameras?

Request 5
Please provide the make, model and manufacturer of the body worn cameras you have purchased.

Request 6
How many times has the evidence gained from body worn cameras been used in court?

Request 7
Please breakdown between the following: The number of successful cases.

Request 8
The number of unsuccessful cases.

Request 9
Where and for how long is the footage held?

Request 10
Please provide documentation relating to the results of any trial of body worn cameras that your force has undertaken.


Body Worn Video