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March 30, 2023 | Arrests/Detainees/Outcomes

Reference: F-2023-00477


Request 1

Under the FOI act please could I request the incident summary / current summary / modus operandi summary (or whatever your force calls the equivalent) of the 10 most recent offences of keeping a brothel, and the outcome of each. Please redact any identifying personal or identifying information.

By the offence of 'keeping a brothel' I mean to include any of the following offences (and any other similar ones I may have missed):
Conspire To Manage / Assist In Management Of A Brothel
Keep / Manage A Brothel Used For Prostitution
Keep A Brothel
Manage / Assist In Management Of A Heterosexual Brothel
Permit Use Of Premises As A Brothel


00477 Brothels

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