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June 06, 2023 | Arrests/Detainees/Outcomes

Reference: F-2023-01450


Request 1

Please provide the number of cases of intentional harassment, alarm or distress (Public Order Act 1986 Sec. 4A) reported to your force between January 1st and December 31st 2022. Your force may record this under classification code 125/09. If held, please outline how many cases of causing intentional harassment, alarm or distress include a sexual element (for example, have been recorded alongside another crime type as a sexual offence, or specifies 'sexual harassment').

Request 2

Please provide the above totals broken down by: age of victim (just 'child' or 'adult' is fine, but more detail is welcome if within the cost limit) and crime outcome.

Note: Please include reported crime, not *just* 'recorded' crime in the above totals. Where reports have not progressed to a recorded crime, please flag this as a crime outcome (for example, 'reported, not recorded').

Cases causing Intentional Harassment, Alarm or Distress