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July 16, 2020

Reference: F-2020-01534


Request 1
Using the definition of corruption in line with the National Police Counter Corruption Advisory Group
(NPCCAG Definition (see in bold). A law enforcement official commits an unlawful act or deliberately fails to fulfil their role arising out of an abuse of their position, for personal or perceived organisational advantage having the potential to affect a member of the public”
Please state the number of cases of alleged police corruption that your force has investigated internally or referred to the IOPC between Jan 1st 2016 and August 14th 2020.
Please provide the information in calendar years and broken down month by month in each of those calendar years.

Request 2
For each case, please provide the number of police officers involved and list the rank of each officer.
Rank No.
Inspector or above
Total no. of individuals

Request 3
Please provide the outcome of each investigation, including the effect on the officer's employment and what disciplinary or prosecutorial action took place. NB: Ongoing cases can be marked as "unresolved" or "ongoing".
Outcome No.
Final Written Warning
Written Warning
Management Advice
Management Action
No Action
Total no. of outcomes

Request 4
Please provide details of the alleged misconduct or criminal behaviour involving corruption.
Category of allegation No.
Abuse of Authority
Controlled drug use and supply
Disclosure of Information
Inappropriate Association
Misuse of Force systems
Other (e.g. dishonesty)
Perverting the Course of justice
Sexual Misconduct
Theft and Fraud

I would like a summary of the allegation for the first case in each month in each calendar year (if any)

I avoid falling into exemptions I am happy for any identifying information to be redacted


Corruption Investigations 1st January 2016 -14th August 2016