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November 30, 2022 | Sexual Offences

Reference: F-2022-02505


Request 1
The number of cases taken forward and still under criminal investigation process relating to physical and/or emotional and/or psychological/mental abuses/violations relating to historical/non-recent cases, civil or otherwise, associated with all allegations/accusations/complaints complete or ongoing and emanating from the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry which may have been made before, during and following the Inquiry investigation and process.

These cases/complaints would include those initially investigated and also brought forward to the PPS, those also not referred on for prosecution, and/or brought to conclusion either settled in or outside of court/judicial proceedings.

Request 2
Details of prosecutions as being in due process, waiting sentencing or in sentencing complete against any/all alleged perpetrators of offences.

Request 3
Details of organisations, institutions, charities, religious orders, Church members, clerical membership, pastoral care/responsibility, lay/secular status, and any other connection/membership/affiliation whether voluntary, statutory, private or otherwise to which all prosecuted pertain and are relative to.