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February 05, 2020 | Organisational Information

Reference: F-2020-00933


Request 1
The number of deaf prisoners/offenders within NI between 2014-2019 (And/or in statistical form).

Request 2
The number of deaf prisoners/offenders between 2014-2019 (And/or in statistical form) to be convicted of crimes against the person (sexual abuse, or any other crime that constitutes physical harm, i.e., GBH, murder, violence etc.

Request 3
The services used to enable/accommodate deaf people within the criminal justice system, for example the use of interpreters, in line with the PACE 1984 legislation and whether such resources are easily accessible and available to the individual offender. Courtroom services available for deaf offenders and communication alternatives for deaf prisoners if there is an inability to use telephones.

Request 4
The number of deaf offenders with present mental health issues. (And/or in statistical form)

Request 5
The number of deaf offenders with substance misuse issues (drug and/or alcohol abuse)


Deaf Offenders Within the Criminal Justice System