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August 04, 2021 | Road Traffic

Reference: F-2021-01965


Request 1

Please provide the latest PSNI guidance to police officers in identifying and dealing with vehicles that emit excessive noise and are suspected to have had their exhaust systems modified in contravention of Regulation 65(2) as described above?

Request 2

Please provide detailed statistics listing all fixed penalty notice’s issued by the PSNI to drivers/riders under Regulation 65(5) for illegally modified exhaust systems. I request the data for the latest available five years and by region where possible. I have tried, but failed, to locate this data in your published crime statistics. A

Request 3

Please provide detailed statistics for any other PSNI enforcement against excessive vehicle noise that was not prosecuted under Regulation 65(2) but was prosecuted under some other legislation, such as anti-social behaviour legislation. I request the data for the latest available five years by applied legislation and region where possible.


Excessive Vehicle Noise Legislation