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September 29, 2022 | Organisational Information

Reference: F-2022-00706


Request 1
Since the beginning of the pandemic, approx. January 2020, how many incidents of Failure to Self Isolate after international travel have been detected? (Please separate them by month from January 2020 to present)

Request 2
The ordinary method of disposal for such as offence is issue of a Cov3 FPN with a £1000 fine. Please indicate for the same period the disposal methods taken for all incidents of this offence i.e. 4 E’s (No Sanction), Cov3, Report to PPS (If Report to PPS, please give brief outline as to why this option was chosen over FPN i.e. repeat offender etc.)

Request 3
If possible, since the start of the pandemic, is it possible to provide an indication of how many FPN’s were issued (and for which Coronavirus Regulations offence) to people where the offence was recognised as their second or more offence i.e. all FPNs by offence, with one time tickets removed from the list.