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September 11, 2020 | Road Traffic

Reference: F-2020-1717


Request 1
For the financial year 2019/20, what is the fastest speed you have recorded a vehicle to have travelled on a road monitored by a speed camera?
By "speed camera" I mean a fixed or temporary speed camera as well as portable speed cameras operated by officers and in-car cameras that can record the speed of other motorists.

Request 2
What was the make and model of the vehicle and was it a police or civilian vehicle?

Request 3
Where did the incident take place and what was the speed recorded?

Request 4
Was the driver prosecuted? If so, what was the penalty imposed? If not please provide a brief summary of the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Request 5
In relation to activations of any type of speed camera in your area in 2019/20 how many did not progress to any further action because the registration plate was NOT from the UK and so there was no way of identifying the driver? What was the highest speed recorded where the vehicle had a foreign registered plate and the case was discontinued? If possible please state where this activation occurred and the nation the vehicle was registered in?


Fastest Speed Monitored By a Speed Camera