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September 20, 2021 | Organisational Information

Reference: F-2020-02200


Request 1

As of the 17th November 2020 can you confirm how many Firearm applications are awaiting processing to completion?
(1b) How many of these are re-grants (Renewals)
(1c) How many are variations
(1d) How many are initial grants

Request 2

How many Staff are working on processing applications
(2b) How many Re-grants have actually expired while awaiting Feb to process the application

Request 3

How many "Senior Managers" are employed to process applications
(3b) On 17th November 2020 how many cases are awaiting senior manager sign off?
(3c) How many of these are initial grants
(3d) How many are re-grants (Renewals)
(3e) How many are variations
(3f) Has the chief constable been made aware of the number of cases awaiting processing
(3g) Are Feb meeting with or planning to meet with firearm representative bodies to update them on Feb performance if not have any bodies requested meeting to discuss PSNI Feb performance and have these requests to meet been facilitated?

Request 4

What age is the oldest case awaiting senior manager approval
(4a) Is this a renewal, initial grant or a variation
(4b) What type of Firearm is this for
(4c) What is the reason that this hasn't been processed

Request 5

What is the target per hour for processing of cases by (a) FEB Staff (b) Senior Manager, if there is no target in place what is considered a satisfactory days work with regards number of applications processed.
(5b) Where targets are in place and these have not been achieved how many individual FEB processing staff and Senior Managers have faced any form of disciplinary action can this be confirmed for both please and action taken
(5c) Where action was taken that didn't involve dismissal how many Processing staff and senior managers continued to underperform and how was this addressed? If you can clarify for both please.

Request 6

As guidance what is the current expected turn around for re-grants, Initial Applications and a variation in days assuming that
(a) There are no red flags
(b) Doctors report is required
(c) Further security checks are required If you can confirm for each please A to C (7)how many staff are not working due to Covid 19 in FEB

Request 7

(7a) How many are working from home or other locations For 7 and 7b can you clarify for both FEB processing staff and Senior Management individually
(7b) why has the latest information on PSNI FEB website not been updated since 2018?
(7c) Why are NO monthly performance reports provided


Firearm Applications