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September 29, 2022 | Road Traffic

Reference: F-2022-00294


Request 1
The number of reported accidents involving e-scooters.

Request 2
The number of reported causalities in accidents involving e-scooters.

Request 3
The number and total value of fines given out for e-scooter related offences.

Request 4
The number of instances driving licence penalty points have been given out for E-Scooter related offences (if known).

Request 5
The number of instances of a driving licence being revoked for e-scooter related offences (if known).

Request 6
The number of instances that an e-scooter has been confiscated for an illegal offence.

Request 7
Any specific locations (streets / postcodes) where the most e-scooter related accidents or offences have been reported.