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September 29, 2022 | Organisational Information

Reference: F-2022-01175


Request 1
I wish to obtain info about Police recording of incidents related to: Mental Health and Suicide (completed, as well as attempted and suspected).
For example, Cleveland Police advised me that they would record such reports/incidents on their system under the occurrence code 'PS10 - Concern for Safety', which could then have a 'qualifier' added to it, such as 'Mental Health', 'Suicide' or 'Vulnerable adult'. They could then pull the numbers for these from their system.
If your force records using the same system/occurrence codes as Cleveland Police, as described above, then please let me know the following:
Between 23/03/2019 and 22/03/2020 how many of the following did your force record:
a. PS10.
b. PS10 with Mental Health qualifier.
c. PS10 with Suicide or Suicide risk qualifier.

Request 2
Exactly the same info as Q1 a, b, and c above, but for the time period 23/03/2020 to 22/03/2021.
However, if your force records such incidents differently then please let me know how many incidents regarding concern for safety, suicide, suicide risk, attempted suicide and mental health your force recorded using whichever exact terms, incident codes or recording methods your force uses, during the exact time periods outlined in both Q1 and Q2 above.
If your force's system allows for retrieval of info that would allow for a partial answer to my FOI, I'd like to express a preference now that you provide me with this information as a response.
I hope your system allows for the recovery of incident numbers to cover all aspects of my FOI request. If however it does not, and you can only recover info that covers part of my FOI request, I'd again like to state clearly and unambiguously that I would like this info to be sent with your first response. Please do not issue a full refusal notice in a situation like that, please issue a partial refusal and send me the info you can retrieve. Again, I hope the full FOI can be answered, but I understand this may not be possible.