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September 17, 2021 | HR Employment and Other

Reference: F-2021-01659


Request 1
General results:
a. How many applicants sat the board?
b. How many applicants passed the board?
c. What was the daily pass rate (candidates who passed vs. candidates sitting the board)?
d. How many candidates achieved the standard (20 marks) but were excluded due to a score of 1?
e. Pass rate by branch of service (DPC, C1, C2 etc.)?

Request 2
There were multiple panels sitting for each day over the period of testing. Can you provide the following information:
a. For each panel (identified by a number and dates sat to ensure anonymity)?
i. The dates they sat?
ii. Average mark?
iii. Minimum and maximum score over the dates sat?
iv. Daily pass rate?
v. Overall pass rate?
b. Overall panel composition?
i. Chairperson by branch (percentage) i.e. C1, C2, DPC etc?
ii. Police member by branch as per i?
iii. Staff member by branch?

Request 3
a. Are panel members given instructions on managing scores on how to manage low scores i.e. 1 and 2 (for example are they all told to repeat the questions)?
b. How much training do panel members receive?

Request 4
a. Is there a process to ensure that panels scoring is consistent and how does this operate?
b. Is there independent statistical moderation of panels to ensure panels do not skew results i.e. at the end of the process?
c. If issues are identified, how are these addressed to ensure that candidates are not disadvantaged?

Request 5
a. Since 2016 when boards were introduced as opposed to OSPRE how many appeals have been upheld at Sgt, Insp, C/Insp, Supt and C/Supt
i. In relation to issues during the board process (by rank)(total number upheld)?
ii. In relation to results (by rank)(total number v number upheld)?