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May 05, 2023 | Hate Crime and Equality

Reference: F-2023-01232


Request 1
Do you keep a record of crimes aggravated by hostility towards sex or gender that are reported to (or discovered by) your force? NB. Please note the reference to gender concerns cisgender identity, as crimes aggravated by hostility towards transgender identity are already captured under s.66(1) Sentencing Act 2020. References to gender in the below questions should also be read as references to cisgender identity.

Request 2
If not:

a. Have you ever done?
b. Are there plans to do so in future?

Request 3
Has the Law Commission’s 2021 report affected whether you collect this information? If so, how?

Request 4
If Yes to question 1, please state:

a. The number of crimes and incidents that were logged on your system as aggravated by hostility towards sex or gender in 2020, 2021 and 2022 (please give two separate figures for each year- crimes and incidents)
b. For those recorded as crimes, please give the nature of these offences (broken down by year and into crime categories, as defined by your force)
c. Please also give the number of crimes logged that led to a:
(i) Caution
(ii) Criminal prosecution
(iii) Conviction
(Please give separate figures for each year)