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November 30, 2022 | Offences against a person

Reference: F-2022-02808


I am undertaking research into the lived experience of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people living with dementia. LGBT people are particularly vulnerable when living with dementia, because their needs are either overlooked or misunderstood. Recent research has revealed that 1 in 6 trans adults may develop cognitive problems in late life, compared to 1 in 10 cisgender adults. And according to the LGBT foundation there could be as many as 68,000 LGBT adults living with dementia. In a study of over 71,000 adults worldwide the World Alzheimer Report of 2019 revealed there was a “General finding that LGBT persons do not perceive housing and support services for older persons as offering safe or welcoming accommodation and support”.

To increase understanding of the lived experience of LGBT Living with Dementia in the United Kingdom, I would like to undertake a Freedom of Information Request. My aim is to seek an accurate picture of how vulnerable LGBT people living with dementia are in your force area, as victims of crime and anti-social behaviour (ASB). Particularly as they may lose the ability to self-advocate. I appreciate this may be something your force has never considered is an issue.

To that end I would like figures from:

  • January 2018 – to present.
  • All crime types or ASB incidents where the Victim was either LGBT or perceived as LGBT.
  • Victim types - who were living with dementia at the time of the incident or perceived as living with dementia.
  • Location type -Private or public and explicitly if the incident was described as having occurred in a care setting.

I appreciate that it is possible that some forces may not record “dementia” as a personal characteristic, but as a retired neighbourhood sergeant, I believe that it would be relevant data, as it would determine how an incident may need to be investigated, as the victim may require more support.

I am more than happy if you feel that you may need to have a conversation with your forces Diversity and inclusion leads, as it may be an area your force has not considered. There is little research on this community, but with an ever increasing older, LGBT population, if it’s not an issue for your force now, I can say from the data I have gathered to date, it will be something your force needs a strategy on.


02808 LGBT victims

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