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April 12, 2023 | Technology and Equipment

Reference: F-2023-00314


Request 1
The date range for the request is for 2022. The data shall include a breakdown by individual departments (e.g. separate departments, agencies, or public bodies within the main government agency), if applicable. Where data is not available for the entire year, please provide the data and timescale it relates to (e.g. X emails over the last 90 days).
How many malicious emails have been successfully blocked/detected?

Request 2
If possible, please provide a breakdown of figures by malicious email type, e.g. spam, malware, phishing, and ransomware.

Request 3
What percentage of malicious emails were opened by staff?

Request 4
What percentage of malicious links in the emails were clicked on by staff?

Request 5
How many email accounts/employees are there within your department?

Clarification Sought:
Can you clarify what you asking for in Request 5: How many email accounts/employees are there within your department? Does your request relates to particular department or do you mean all of the officers and staff within the PSNI?

Clarification Received
We are referring to anyone who has an email account within all departments of the PSNI. If you can provide a breakdown by department, this would be great, but otherwise, just the total number of employees for the PSNI will do.

Malicious Email Volume