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September 30, 2022 | Organisational Information

Reference: F-2022-02001


I would like to request the registration number of a motorcycle currently in my possession. I purchased this motorcycle as a restoration project and have owned it for 10 years, the motorcycle has now been restored. When the motorcycle was purchased the log book was lost. I contacted DVLA, they forwarded myself to the triumph owners club dating service affiliated to the A.C.U. and B.M.F. They have supplied the following information and advised me to contact the police for freedom of information. This motorcycle can be brought to any MOT centre for viewing if required. The details of the motorcycle are as follows:

Model: Thunderbird.

Frame number: 6T DUI3355.

Engine number: 6T DUI3355W.

Date of manufacture: 07/08/1964.

Supplied to: McIntyre Bros Ltd, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Date of dispatch: 22/08/1964

This machine was one of three supplied to the Royal Ulster Constabulary. This machine was manufactured by the Triumph Engineering Company, Meriden Works, Allesley, Coventry, England.