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October 03, 2022 | Police/Staff Training

Reference: FOI - 2022 - 02011


Request 1
Does this force provide mandatory training for its officers, in handling those with neurodiverse conditions, who come into contact with Police?

Request 2
If so, could you provide details of this training? This might include how long it lasts, a brief outline of what is covered etc.

Request 3
If this force does not provide mandatory training for its officers in this area, could you provide details of any training which is offered?

Request 4
Could you provide any copies, if they exist, of this forces protocol/guidance documents for handing those with neurodiverse conditions (for example at arrest, or in Police custody).

Request 5
If there is any separate protocol for autism, could you provide this as well?

Request 6
Lastly, does this force use autism alert cards?

FOI - 2022 - 02011