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Reference: F-2020-01604


Request 1

Can you confirm in total how many Officers and “expert” personnel are being deployed in currently investigating the Noah Donohoe case? And the titles and lines of expertise of such staff (while protecting their identities)?

Request 2

Can you confirm if and when the expert opinion of a Forensic Psychologist was or has been sought thus far or at any point at all in this case?

Request 3

Can you please provide me with all and any details concerning the apparent “community consultation” your organisation alleged it had within the vicinity in which Noah went missing and was found dead?

Request 4

Can you please explain why you refused to provide the leaflet concerning the above to his mother, Fiona Donohoe, when she has a right to this under Freedom of Information legislation given that it was about the strange disappearance and death of her son?

Request 5

Can you please provide me with a copy of the same leaflet under the Freedom of Information Act (2000)? If you should refuse this, outline why in detail.

Request 6

Can you confirm if Police from any other jurisdictions have been consulted or deployed in this investigation? If so, please outline precedent cases they have worked on which would make them suitably qualified.

Request 7

Can you explain why you have yet to mandatorily warrant by law any and all relevant CCTV footage within the vicinity whereby Noah disappeared and died?

Request 8

Have you questioned or arrested anyone yet in connection with Noah’s disappearance and death? I am not requesting their identity, simply an answer as to how many people you have or have not questioned or arrested, if any at all.

Request 9

Do you believe it appropriate or reassuring to the public to refuse requests for information via use of antiquated legislation surrounding so-called “Official Secrets” in a case involving the disappearance and death of a child?

Request 10

Has the Minister of Justice conveyed any concerns at all to your organisation regarding this case? Yes or no.

Request 11

How many Freedom of Information Requests have you received and responded to regarding this case?

Request 12

Have any MLA’s or MP’s contacted you to express concerns regarding your transparency, or lack thereof, regarding this case?

Request 13

Have you any informants within the locality of Noah’s death and disappearance who may be able to shed some light on what happened to him? Yes or no.

Request 14

Can you please provide the name(s) of the most Senior Officers investigating this case to present for purposes of reporting them to the Police Ombudsman’s Office?

Request 15

Why did your organisation claim that they suspected “no foul play” in Noah’s death prior to an autopsy and sufficient medical examination being carried out by someone professionally qualified? Can you confirm in detail if you would agree that this was a potential case of Misconduct in Public Office by way of fraud in doing so when the Officer who made the statement to the world media was not medically qualified?

Request 16

Is anyone under surveillance regarding this disappearance and death? Yes or no. I am not asking for their identity merely a clarification.

Request 17

Are you aware that your actions and inactions regarding this matter have greatly eroded trust and respect in policing among not just the Catholic/Nationalist community particularly but wider public, who feel you are either overlooking information or concealing it? If so, what is your response to this most serious collapse in confidence?

Request 18

In total, how many calls have you received so far concerning this case? I am asking for a figure.

Request 19

Are you aware that substantial numbers of people in the general public feel you may use the issue of COVID-19 and emergency legislation to avoid pursuing this case robustly to a conclusion? And what measures do you intend to take to reassure them that this is not the case given the enormous importance placed in securing answers and accountability for the Donohoe family and wider public?

Request 20

Can you clarify if and which other security service agencies you have liaised with throughout this investigation?

Request 21

Will your organisation consider holding several community consultations with citizens of North Belfast who are from both the Catholic and Protestant Communities in suitable venues, so that they may raise their concerns and have these documented?

Request 22

Are you actually even pursuing the Noah Donohoe case as a live murder investigation? Have you ruled murder out as a potentiality?

Request 23

How many door-to-door searches have you conducted in search of Noah’s missing belongings in total?

Request 24

Do you suspect any paramilitary involvement in this case, in any sense at all, so far?

Request 25

Have any finger prints and other tests been conducted so far on Noah’s belongings and clothing, including the storm-drain area whereby his body was recovered from?

Request 26

Has any explanation yet been reached with the Department of Infrastructure as to how a child of Noah’s height and weight could even access this storm-drain when a nearby resident claimed her own daughters of a younger age and smaller size could not do so?

Request 27

Has the PSNI ruled out any element of a “hate crime” in this case?


Noah Donohoe