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November 03, 2022 | HR Employment and Other

Reference: F-2022-02396


A member of my staff has submitted a request for information from OHW/HR as part of another request. I had asked OHW provide the data, but they have requested this is logged as an FOI. The details of the request refer to the process for consideration of Ill Health Retirement for staff under the NICS pension scheme as is as below:

Request 1
Is it the case that any employee who has ever held a post in OHW is referred to OHS? Is this PSNI policy?

Request 2
If so, may I please be provided with a copy of that policy, and a breakdown of the numbers, age, and gender and community background of those who have been assessed by OHS by reason of having been a former staff member of OHW?

Request 3
I also request a breakdown by number, and if possible, gender, age and community background, of those PSNI staff who have been refused IHR in the last three years.