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October 03, 2022 | Cyber Crime

Reference: F-2022-02174


Request 1
The number of incidents recorded by the force since 2018, in which a person has been injured by either:

  •  Participation in, or action inspired by, a challenge (or suspected challenge), which has been advertised online (may include reference to social media challenge, video, post or trend).
  •  Action which appears to have been taken with the intent (or suspected intent) to film its outcome for the purpose of posting online (may include reference to a phone or camera being found set up to record the action)

Request 2
The above figures, broken down by year and, if the data allows, the age range of victims (under 10, 10-17, 18-25, over 25).

Request 3
The number of deaths recorded since 2018 which make reference to one of the above criteria (this may include reference to death by misadventure), also broken down, if the data allows, by year and age range of victims.