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Reference: F-2023-00549


Request 1
I am writing to request information relating to paramilitary style attacks in Northern Ireland. I have previously received information from FOI request FOI-2021-01609. This current request is to bring the previous data who to 2023.
Therefore I would like to request data in relation to paramilitary style attacks between April 10th1998 and February 14th 2023. In these data it would be prefereble if this could contain the following:

Request 2
Date of attack

Request 3
Time of attack

Request 4
Location of attack (street name, postcode etc)

Request 5
Weapon(s) used (understanding that this is only available from June 2015)

Request 6
Injuries sustained

Request 7
Number of death(s) (understanding these are counted as 'security related deaths)

Request 8
Gender of victim

Request 9
Age of victim

Request 10
Loyalist/Republican attribution for each attack

Paramilitary Style Attacks 1998 to 2023