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September 30, 2022 | Investigations and Operations

Reference: F-2022-00929


From information disclosed in previously published FOI requests, there are various types of 'markers' on PNC relating to individuals, for example 'wanted', 'locate and trace', 'missing' etc.

Request 1
Please disclose a complete list of these 'markers' used by your force, together with descriptions of each type.

Request 2
Please disclose all guidelines on the use of each of these markers. This may include internal policies, standard operating procedures, practice directions, etc.

Request 3
For example, when would police officers use a 'locate and trace' marker as opposed to a 'wanted' marker?

Request 4
Please disclose all documents relating to the review and cancellation of markers, including review schedules, criteria to be considered when removing or cancelling a marker, etc. If this would depend on other factors such as seriousness of the offence or time passed, please also disclose this information.

Request 5
How is information on PNC markers shared with foreign authorities or police, eg. via PNC itself or via other systems such as Europol and Interpol? 

Request 6
Are there any sets of circumstances that would always result in foreign authorities being notified, e.g. if a foreigner has gone missing or is wanted, would an international alert always be issued regardless of the case's specific circumstances or whether the individual is indeed abroad? 

Request 7
For the responses to Q5 and Q6, please also elaborate if Brexit has had an impact on this (e.g. would it be that before Brexit, when a European national was missing or wanted in the UK, all EU countries would be alerted, but currently this is no longer the case).