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Reference: F-2021-01052


Request 1

Does the PSNI have a General Risk Assessment (PSNIGRA) for the deployment of Police Dogs in Public Order Situations and if so, can it be available for public inspection?

Request 2 If the PSNI has such a document:

  • Is it current?
  • What dates is it effective from and to?
  • And has it been ‘signed off’ by a Senior Rank and viewed/reviewed by the Police Federation for Northern Ireland, as counter signatory

Request 3

What Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is the PSNI making available for Public Service dogs, deployed in Public Order situations?

Request 4

PSNI Comm Sec Correspondence 5029-21 refers. It is stated that PSNI “experimented’ with “some equipment” in the past, this is not “fit for purpose”;


  • What documentation is available?
  • What equipment was trialled?
  • And finally what correspondence / reports is available documenting this “experimentation”?


Police Dogs in Public Order Situations