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Reference: F-2020-01538


Request 1
For each of the last 5 years, please breakdown by year the number of negligent discharges of police issue fire arms in the PSNI - by negligent I mean any incident where a police-issue firearm was fired when it should not have been, or was not intended to be fired.

Request 2
For each of the negligent discharges detailed in 1, please outline the circumstances of this discharge as follows:
a) Date of discharge.
b) Where the incident happened - detailing the police station involved.
c) Reason for the negligent discharge.
d) What damage was caused as a result of the negligent discharge?
e) The cost to repair any damage if applicable.
f) The type of fire arm involved.
g) Any injuries caused to and to who was injured - and whether the person was hospitalised as a
h) The outcome of the negligent discharge to the officer e.g. explain if there was no action taken or detail the action taken by management.
i) Rank of the officer who the firearm in question was issued to.
j) Any other relevant details about the incident.

Request 3
For each of the last 5 years, please breakdown by year where there has been failure by a member of your force to maintain proper possession of a firearm - this means any incident where a police-issue firearm has been left unattended by an officer or otherwise not been in the full possession of an officer when it should have been.



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